Commission finished #watercolour #magnolias

Finished. This is a 1 metre x 1 metre watercolour. I really needed to do all those things that we tell our students to do, make pencil studies, trial paper types (this was a giant sheet of watercolour paper from Atlantis) make colour studies, get ‘real life’ examples for direct observational studies, take photos, plan and…. Start.

My exhibition on November 4th is postponed due to Lockdown .

Although this is a bit sad, Nucleus Arts are trying to find another week for me. In the meantime I will post up a ‘virtual exhibition’ of work that’s available to buy online and you can find the sizes and prices in the ‘my work’ >’catalogue’ links on this site. I am putting up a little video here of Christmas cards and blank greetings cards available to buy from me online. Contact me if you want further details.