Work in exhibitions

One of these or possibly both are about to go into the Lockdown Art exhibition in the Rochester Art Gallery (downstairs at the Huguenot Museum and in the Tourist Information Area). Exhibition runs from August 15th to September 26th. This exhibition has been organised by the energetic, tireless artist Luna Zsigo who runs the wonderful workshops #exploreanddraw.

These three are at the Summer Exhibition @halperngallery Chatham until the end of August

Browser work

We’ll make a page of browser pieces as we are not supposed to have things that people can leaf through and handle. So once we’ve put the images up if you were to see something you fancied we can get it ready for viewing or post it.

‘Virtual Visit’ Medway Open Studios’

Local artists usually taking part in Medway Open Studios have been asked to contribute to an ‘online festival’. It is also possible to arrange a real life socially-distanced visit, order cards online and even buy work online. I have yet to make a video of unframed browser work but here’s the link to the online Google virtual visit :