Long Distance Sale

This painting was bought as a present for this lovely American gentleman, whom I met at a social event in London with his wife. She secretly commissioned the piece and we eventually shipped it across to Colorado. She had it hidden for ages until a special anniversary. He was pleased and surprised and they sent me these photos.

Wrestling with tiny, tiny little flowers

Look fragile but must be robust as they pierce winter and have a beautiful fragrance. There are many ways these can be painted and I still am not happy with my various techniques. Thanks to St Cuthbert’s Mill for little samples of their beautiful papers. Thanks to Andrew Trinder for pausing on his run for the photograph taken this morning over at Cobham.

Paintings going into frames

Beginning to finish things off and framing being done by Andrew Trinder (details from me if you would like any framing…) in preparation for the exhibition at the Horsebridge Gallery, Whitstable starting April 7th until 22nd April Details on flyer in post below. These three are the latest to go up on the wall.

Soft Badgerbee and roseragged little viola

Starting some Loose Spring Flower Studies

Working on preparation for first ‘Flowers’ workshop this year was really refreshing (although I’m doing ‘Chilly Landscapes’ and ‘Polar Bears’ before January is out. I had hoped to hang greenery up with something like hellebores so that we might do some drippy work but my hellebores were being rather shy. So I bought some flowers from supermarkets and picked a little, rather bedraggled viola from the garden. The large blank sheet is Arches paper. It’s expensive paper and is a bit intimidating when it sits there saying, “go on, just start will you…” These are to be continued later in the month…

Winter Paintings



Two watercolours on a Winter Solstice theme, look for the badger in one and the fox in the other.  The top two are on Saunders Waterford 425gsm (NOT) which is a beautiful paper to work on and very tolerant of wet washes. Below is an unfinished acrylic version of ‘January Sun’ on the wall behind (the yellow will be softened with some rose glazes). That was painted on Bockingford 425gsm (NOT) also a paper in a weight that can cope with wet work and without being stretched.

This coming week workshops resume. Looking forward to some loose ‘winter flowers’ paintings.